Blac Chyna took to social media to share yet another cute series of videos of her and Rob Kardashian’s cute 3 year old daughter, Dream. The footage she posted via IG Stories showed the child painting and talking about colors.

This comes only a week after reports that her parents Rob and Chyna are having a custody battle over her.

The clips show Dream in a blue and red shirt holding a paintbrush and looking excited to start painting the blank canvas in front of her.

They’re also proof that the little girl knows her colors really well!

As she points to each bottle of paint, Chyna asks her daughter what colors they are and Dream is correct about all of them!

Finally, the proud mom inquires her on her favorite colors and Dream exclaims that it’s ‘Blue and pink!’ while Chyna tells her that hers is red.

As mentioned before, the cute clips come a week after reports that Dreamy’s dad, Rob Kardashian has filed for primary custody of her.

TMZ claims that his sister, Khloe has also backed him up in his court documents that seek a ‘behavioral change’ in the little girl.

At this point in time, however, the headlines are at the level of insider reports and nothing more as there is no official confirmation from either Rob or Chyna that such a legal battle between them is going on.

It also seems like a really different situation from their previous custody move back in March when they agreed to share the custody of Dream and also split all of the expenses necessary as she grows us, including for school, equally.


That also meant, according to another article by TMZ, that the Kardashian son would no longer have to pay the $20,000 in child support he was sending his daughter every month.

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